Curriculum Vitae*


Curriculum Vitae of  Christian Standing

Personal and contact information only available upon request and from legitimate schools.


Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching   Completed 2011

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

The University of Melbourne

Learning Areas:  Drama, Media Studies and Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Contemporary Arts – Drama and Film and Video   Completed 2008

Deakin University – City Campus


Ringwood Secondary College   Semester 1, 2011

(MTeach school placement)

Position: Teacher Candidate

Responsibilities and Achievements:


-Year 11 Media

-Year 10 Media

Competencies gained:

-Developed and implemented VCE unit on New Media, looking at social media, online media and the impact of it in society

-Developed and implemented unit on Photography, covering both the basics of composition and creating an assessment piece which would play to the students individual strengths, allowing them to shine through

-Used a range of resources and activities to cater for individual learning styles

Developed skills in the use and management of ICT

Gained skills in teaching classes with students with ESL needs

Used both formative and summative assessments with students

Employed a range teaching practices with focuses on both individual and group based learning

Cross Country Supervision

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

-Parent Teacher Interviews

Information Evening

Staff meetings

Yard Duties

Vermont Secondary College   Semester 2, 2011

(MTeach school placement)

Position: Teacher Candidate

Responsibilities and Achievements:


-Year 7 Drama

-Year 9 Drama

Competencies Gained

-Developed and implemented unit on Melodrama across year seven drama classes

-Developed and implemented unit on Mime for year nine drama

-Taught a class split between two teachers, this taught me a lot about teaching in a collaborative environment

-Gained confidence in self as teacher and mentor teacher trusted me enough to feel free to take time off after production period and allowed me to run classes for week, (with CRT supervision for legal reasons)

-Supervised national student testing

-Worked with students with behavioral difficulties and of disadvantaged backgrounds

Assessed students work, both in performance based and written assessment tasks

Designed and developed rubrics to assist with student assessment based on the VELS.

Observed a range of classes including English (of which I taught several across the year levels), German, Maths and more.

Developed and maintained a safe and productive working environment

Building rapport quickly with students and staff, enough that they wanted to keep me, including mentor if a job was available

Extra-Curricular Involvement

2 x Weekend Production Rehearsals, (Set Construction, Supervision) spent well over 20 hours helping

2 x Matinee Production Performances, (Backstage supervision)

Attend performance of production

School Meetings

Year 7 Activity day – set up ad running of an activity

Staff social events

Employment History

Jairus PTY LTD

Process Worker October 2008-February 2011

Duties include:

Running and Operation of Machinery and Equipment

Reception Work:

Taking orders

Processing payments

Dealing with customers face to face, over the phone and by e-mail.


Drama Victoria

Encompass Conference – 2011


Duties include:

-Making Announcements to large groups of people (around 350 I believe)

-Supervision of guest speakers in smaller workshops

-Directing Conference members to locations

-Management of other volunteers ensuring they have what they need to do their job properly


Trinity Presbyterian Church – Camberwell

Sunday School Teacher         Since 2006


Performing and watching theatre

Cooking and Eating

Film and Television

Reading a good book

Creating and being inspired


Available upon request and only given out to legitimate schools


 *Due to this being a blog a lot of the formatting has been lost. I can send it to you on request. So long as you send me the request from an approved school e-mail.


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