Student Feedback

Below is some feedback I have received regarding my teaching practices from students. Due to confidentiality I have not included names. The feedback is from forms I got my students to fill out at the end of my placements. These comments are also in my folio, so I will be able to show you the hard copies then. Just incase you think I am making this up.


When asked to the describe the way I teach:

“entertaining but he makes sure that we still get stuff done.”

“Very fun. He always makes class very enjoyable and fun. He also teaches us many fun yet educational things.”

“Interesting and creative.”

The best part of how Mr Standing teaches:

“The new things he brings to the classroom. He gives us examples, (the crazy gorilla you showed us!)

“We got to play games that teach us too.”

“How he always makes us enjoy class. He pulls funny faces which makes us laugh, then he’s serious and down to business.”

How could Mr Standing make drama better?

“Pfft…He can’t… it’s already amazing.”

“Keep bringing new things for us to learn. More games!”

Additional Comments

“Mr Standing is awesome! Please come back next year!!!”


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